Dropbox, gDrive, iCloud, OneDrive, etc. #1

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Today we’ll start with one of the biggest data storage providing services: Cloud Storage. In the beginning we already talked about you can self-host on a server on the internet. But we start the synology-way first, which might be quite similar to other NAS storage systems or even simpler.

1. A router with USB and file sharing option.

Just attach a USB disk to your router and activate the file service. You need to use the manual of your corresponding device. If you want to make is accessible via the internet, you need to set up a dynamic DNS account or use built-in services inside your router. What service you use depends on your device. If you follow the manuals it’s quite easy to set up.

+ Easy to setup
+ Cheap, just any USB drive to your router

– no client solution for mobile devices
– no automatic syncing like you’re used to

2. The synology way

You need to already have: A Synology, a a myDS account and a user on your syno box
Log into your synology and install the cloudstation package via the package center. After Installing, open the package, you may need to activate your myDS account and enter your quickConnect ID for setting up.

Activate it for the user you want cloudstation to use. Then check the settings – the maximum number of versions you want to keep may strongly differ from the default setting (32 at the time of this writing), especially, when you’re working with big files and need to save often. Each copy will use extra space. Just keep that in mind, if you run out of space.

Then go to synology.com, download the client for your operating system (Help/Support – Download Portal – chose your Syno – Download) and install it. Enter your hostname (of the client), the quickconnect ID with username and password. Specify your folder sync preferences and you’re set up.

The mobile device app should be in your app store as DS Cloud from synology inc.

+ Easy to install and configure
+ Dropbox functionality
+ Your data is literally in your own house

– Setting up for mobile access requires a bit more tweaking

I the next episode we’ll look at a complete server solution with owncloud, which looks and feels not only like dropbox but can also provide contact and calendar syncing for your mobile devices.

If you want to know, what you could need a synology for except this dropbox thingy, here’s a small list, on what I do with mine:
– network drive (replaces USB Disks)
– streaming media server (DLNA, video / audio) – time machine server (mac backup)
But you can also host websites like a wiki or the most common CMS. The 2+ bay variants also provide security when used in RAID1 (redundancy)

Questions or comments? Feel fre to post them in the comment box below.
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