A Relaunch – And then some!

Hi there.

We haven’t had any traction lately or in general. However, I plan on relaunching everything in order to keep up to date with my personal techie-journey to more security, privacy, where I feel is needed and ease of use – because I no longer want to manage any kind of website and hosting stuff. All of the management might be a nice distraction while playing around with stuff, but it is what it is:

a distraction. One that keeps me from generating content, which was the goal in the first place.

While I was setting it all up in order to get every account tracked and leave all of the providers of online services in order to take back as much as possible, I really don’t want to manage all by myself. It is also not relatable for the average user, who I will target with this documentation.

So rather than that, I will select a few services, where I think security is well implemented and after that, will try to reduce all the other background noise. A Relaunch – And then some!

Also, I might keep some projects by myself – so you will still see some advanced nerrd-projects as well.

Plans so far:
# relaunch website, reduce management of hosting(s)
# focus on accounts management
# passwords management
# Browser-Wars 3.0 (Comments: Edge dead, Chrome messing with Ad-Blockers, Opera full of ads)
# Android Integrations
# Content buckets
# Hosted Server Projects (Docker, Multi-Apps, Adblocking, VPN, Firewalls)
# Optimizing Home Network