What’s this about?

Content, content, content. Your privacy is worth something – so not much eye-candy, but working tutorials on how to get your data back.

What will I get out of your articles?

I will try and provide enough information, guides and how-tos for you to get everything you need to get your own services up and running.

What skills <to pay the bills :)> are needed to follow everything through?

I plan on introducing a skill-indicator. There are three basic-levels.

  1. You can check your e-mail and log in to facebook. You are a beginner when it comes to IT.
    You might need someone to help you to get your privacy back.
  2. You work moderately with a PC or Mac and are able to customize some settings to fit you needs. You can also use Google. This is what I call a regular PC or Mac user. You can install your own software, devices, like USB drives or similar.
    You might need the easy solutions, if available.
  3. You are an advanced or a power user. This means that you can do workflows that need above-average knowledge. You’re not afraid to use a shell and are eager to learn more, if your security is that important to you.
    The advanced solutions might challenge you, but you will succeed when you stick to the howtos and tutorials.

    The one extra category is:

  4. You are an expert. At least you have an education which is based on IT. You are willing to learn anything mentioned here.
    You can choose for yourself what fits you best.

The categories might get symbols or colors. Tba.

What is your hardware?

  1. A synology DS210j which should do it just fine (rather old hardware)

  2. Webspace for my blogs (1,65€) plus domains (0,49€ + 1,39€) (I have a second blog on koernerbroetchen.de)

  3. A vServer with 2CPUs, 250GB storage and unlimited traffic (7,99€) and

  4. A KVM vServer which is used for testing. (2,40€)

What does it cost?

To sum it all up, my personal monthly costs for developing the solutions and create test scenarios are 13,92€ for the hardware, plus the ssl certificates for all subdomains (9,99€) makes a total of 23,91€. You should need a little less, but an external HDD for your backups is strongly recommended.

When will <your favourite topic> be covered?

Well, I like to follow my own schedule, and I am trying to make it logical and reasonable. I also try to get through all relevant services as fast as possible, but since I am going to provide more than one solution for certain services, please be patient. I am reading the comment sections, and if there is a preferred app to look at, I might consider reordering my release plan.

What’s the agenda?

E-Mail, cloud storage, RSS feeds, chat/video, notes, contact/calendar sync for your smartphone (Android), social media network, and more if I forgot something or if there are enough relevant requests.

Will <my topic> be on the agenda?

Honestly? I don’t know. If I think there would be a significant demand, and if I think there will be an Impact on most users, tell me about it, and I’ll try and look at it.

Can I stop to use <service provider X> completely afterwards?

It depends on your needs and how willingly you are to make a commitment. I will try, but I think there will still be services, that can’t be replaced. Youtube p.e. could get a little difficult, because you’d need a lot of storage to save all your personal videos for sharing. And for the viewing part – well, that’s obvious.

Anything else?

Please don’t blame me if I don’t write all the howtos by myself – this is an experiment not to just cancel most of my online accounts, but provide alternative solutions as well, so I might link to existing howtos and guides, and whenever there are special cases I’ll point to them.

I have a question which is not on the list.

Comments on this post may be taken into the list

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