Password security

Hi Internetters!

Before we’ll start with any server app, let’s take a look on your existing accounts.
If you’re anything like me, you have multiple accounts, I can’t even count all my e-mail accounts anymore. Maybe ten, maybe fifteen. But passwords? I have maybe two passwords. Imagine the would be like “purplejuice” and “abc123defgh4”. What I did was to vary them in order to meet certain standards. So for some sites I did something similar to: Purplejuice9$ or Abc123defgh4.

This was just an example, but I think you get the point. On other sites, I forgot my login name / e-mail address. Imagine testing five e-mail addresses with four different passwords…

Solution one

Pen and paper. Write all your current and future passwords down.

+ Safe in terms of data loss / corruption

– You may need to type them every time
– You need to take the paper with you

Solution two

Software: KeePass (PC), KeePassX (Mac/Linux) or TeamPass (web-based – for server admins)

+ Safe
+ You can copy/paste
+ Password generator integrated
+ browser plugins available – if you trust the developer

– you lose the file somehow, you lose everything – but you can make backups on any cloud storage, the file is encrypted.
– you may need the file and an app to open it on other devices
I strongly suggest creating a database in a tool similar to KeePass(X) to keep track of all your passwords. You don’t need to worry about too many different passwords. The software itself is self-explained. Just give it a try.

So long, and until next time.